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To: William Paterson University Colleagues
From: Kristin Cohen, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Date: August 14, 2012
Re: Changes in the Drop for Non-Payment Policy

For the past several years, William Paterson University has automatically withdrawn students from their courses if they have not made satisfactory arrangement to pay their tuition, fees and other charges on their student accounts. Often, this dropping of students from their classes has occurred after the start of the semester which has caused many issues for students who then scramble to get back into their classes, sometimes after missing several class sessions. After a careful analysis of the effectiveness of this system and the effect this policy has on the students, the faculty, and the academic departments/deans offices, the University has decided to implement a new policy regarding the deregistration of students.

  1. All students (new and continuing) will be deregistered for non-payment once – approximately five business days prior to the start of the semester. For the fall 2012 semester, this deregistration will take place on August 28, 2012.
  2. For students registering after the pre-term drop date (August 28th) and who are not deemed to be financially cleared (i.e., paid), the student will be required to submit a verification of enrollment by the 5th day following the end of the add/drop period for that term or be removed from their classes. The verification of enrollment simply asks the student to confirm attendance – no proof of payment is required. For the fall 2012 semester the students who do not submit the verification of enrollment will be dropped on September 18th.
  3. Other than on the two dates listed above, the University will not be removing students from their classes.
  4. Students who do not satisfactorily make arrangements to have their bills paid in full by the due dates, will be subject to the following:
  1. A $200 late payment fee. This fee was formerly $75; the increase was approved by the Board of Trustees on July 24, 2012.
  2. Their Pioneer cards will be frozen and they will not be able to access the funds on those cards until the bill is resolved.
  3. A block will be placed on future registrations until the bill is resolved.

Students will no longer be able to rely on the former deregistration policy to remove them from unwanted classes by simply not paying their bill. They will need to withdraw themselves from their courses using the current university policies and will be subject to tuition charges should they withdraw from a course after the 100% refund period.

Students who do not withdraw from their courses through the approved university procedures, will not be removed from their courses after the final date to withdraw from a course, even if the student can prove that he/she did not attend any of the class sessions.

Please share this information with other members of your departments, colleges, units to ensure that everyone is aware of this important change.



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