June 2014

Dear Alumna/us,

While you may not know me, we probably have a lot in common. We are graduates of William Paterson University, we value a college degree, and we care about the education of children who are at risk. My own disability, cerebral palsy, inspired my educational journey.

Born in Jordan, I was forced to drop out of school after the sixth grade because my school refused to accommodate special needs. My parents immigrated to the United States so that I could continue my education and pursue a professional career. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from William Paterson, then earned the certification requirements needed to teach special education, and then earned a Master’s degree. For the next twenty-four years, I was a special education teacher in Paterson.

With each student accomplishment, I knew I was making a difference. I taught my students to use their creative minds to solve problems, to learn from one another, and to appreciate opportunities that can only come in a country that preserves freedom.

Now, as a volunteer and member of the Alumni Executive Council at William Paterson, I see the other side. I see the students of today as they struggle to afford college. I see the University providing the best academic resources and facilities it can.

And I see how my Annual Fund gift is paying it forward. And making a difference.

Won’t you join me and make a gift today?

Click here to make your gift. Thank you!


Rola Hannoush

William Paterson University
300 Pompton Road, Wayne, New Jersey 07470     973-720-2175