Risk Management

Insurance at William Paterson University (WPU)

WPU participates in the New Jersey State Colleges and Universities’ risk management consortium. The consortium is managed day-to-day by a consortium’s Risk Manager and overseen by the administration and finance VPs of the participating colleges and universities.

The State of New Jersey receives and processes all claims against WPU for personal property, auto and general liability through its own self-insured program (claims are not filed with an insurance company). Insurance needs that are not covered under the state’s program are managed by the consortium.

Claims against WPU Insurance

Insurance claims for personal property damage (including auto), medical reimbursement and other claims where WPU is potentially responsible are filed under the NJ State program as tort claims.

For tort claim forms and instructions click here.  Claim forms and instructions can be obtained in person by visiting the Business Services office at College Hall, 3rd floor, room 326.

Health Insurance

As an employer, WPU provides health insurance for its employees through the State of New Jersey benefits program.  

Student health insurance is not offered through WPU. Students may obtain health insurance through the US government’s website: https://www.healthcare.gov/ if not covered otherwise (such as through an employer plan, family coverage, or public program).

Further Information

Questions about risk management, insurance, and claim filings should be addressed to Samantha Green (greens19@wpu.edu or 973-720-2107).

Questions specific to employee health insurance or workers compensation should be directed to the Office of Payroll and Benefits.