To begin the process obtain a logon, follow the chart below

Type of Non-US person

How to obtain a logon:

Contact name & info

Vendor – Individual

Vendor – Corporate Entity

Contact Business Services

Foreign entities please follow the link below:

Glenda Jara


Payroll Dept will email log on information when needed

Ramzi Chabayta

Student (admitted)

Student Account Services will email logon when needed

Sandra Bembry

Student (pre-admission)

Contact International Students with request for information

Cinzia Richardson

 The non-US individuals will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed*. Before logging on, it is suggested that they have ready all relevant documentation such as visa, passport, I-94 or other related support.

 Once the non-US individual has completed the online Glacier interview, the system will display forms and/or documentation required for submission and, if applicable, the taxable rate. The required forms/documentation should be submitted asap to (Business Services, Payroll, Student Account Services or International Students) for timely completion of the process.

 For non-US corporate entities, Business Services will provide the form necessary to collect required documentation about the entity. This form should be completed and returned to Business Services for processing.

 After tax clearance is obtained, the transaction PO may be finalized. Follow-up reporting, withholding, or other requirements will be done by the appropriate area (Business Services, Payroll, Student Account Services or International Students).

 *Sample Glacier email instructions:

Foreign Taxes Glacier Email