Advisory Board

The Career Development Advisory Board serves as a support system in our effort to enhance the professional development of our students here at William Paterson University by providing recommendations on programming, and guidance. It also functions as a collaborative venture with our stakeholders to cultivate and improve employer relations with the University.

The group meets once a semester in the spring and fall to deliberate on key points that are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the Career Development and Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center (CDAC) regarding student outreach and career development  programming as well as employer relations and involvement.


  • Brown, Lorra, WPUNJ
    Communication Department
  • Cammarota, Gino
    (Alumnus) Wells Fargo Financial
  • Cruz-Paul, Theresa, WPUNJ
    Career Development and Advisement Center
  • Darlington, Ryan
    Pearson Education
  • Ferrer, Carlos
    (Alumnus) Smolin Lupin & Company
  • Flint, Charley, WPUNJ
    Sociology Department
  • Fuller-Stanley, Jean, WPUNJ
    College of Science and Health
  • Heizen, Tom, WPUNJ
    Psychology Department
  • Hirsch, Maureen
    (Alumnus) UPS Information Systems
  • Karibi-Whyte, Sodigi WPUNJ, Chair
    Career Development and Advisement Center      
  • Ku, Cyril, WPUNJ
    Computer Science Department
  • Martha, Witt, WPUNJ
    English Department
  • Miller, Danielle
    Northwestern Mutual Financial
  • Olaye, Imafidon, WPUNJ
    College of Arts and Communication
  • Perez, Cesar, WPUNJ
    Marketing and Management Department
  • Prail, Matthew
    (Alumnus) Kraft Foods North America
  • Rabbitt, Kara WPUNJ
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Risley, Lance, WPUNJ
    Biology Department
  • Rosengart, Sharon, WPUNJ
    Career Development and Advisement Center
  • Santiago, Jennifer
    Enterprise Rent A Car
  • Scala, Arlene, WPUNJ
    Women’s Studies Department
  • Shaw, Donna
    (Alumnus) Ernst & Young
  • Thomas, Antony
  • Yackulic, George
    New York Life
  • Yeung, Kristie