Certificate – Learning Technologies

Certificate – Learning Technologies



Concentration: Learning Technologies


Application Deadline:

NOTE: This certificate program is on hiatus as of Fall 2014. Please contact Hilary Wilder - wilderh@wpunj.edu for more information. 

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • A master’s in education degree or completion of a similar graduate program.
  • A copy of a teaching certificate and/or a resume of any teaching or educational work the applicant has performed.
  • Basic technology literacy skills including computer, internet and standard software application usage.

*Each applicant must demonstrate that he or she can fulfill the requirements of the program, including the ability to read and write at a graduate level, the capability to do graduate level academic work, and an interest in educational theory and practice.

**Applicant should schedule a personal interview with the program administrator as part of the acceptance process.