ARC COVID-19 Information for Students

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is committed to supporting Faculty and Students to ensure a seamless transition to remote learning. We will be available on an ongoing basis to consult with Faculty and Students as needed. It is important to keep the lines of communication open regarding accommodations and any barriers to the remote learning experience. If you have any concerns not listed here, the best way to reach us is via email at and an ARC Staff Member will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Students who receive accommodations should plan to communicate with their instructors as soon as possible to understand how the change in instruction may impact their accommodations. Instructors may be able to reframe their courses in different ways, using different tools for access. Because of this, it is important that you communicate with each instructor as soon as possible so that you are clear on the new format of the course and how your accommodations can be provided.

ARC is still operational and will be holding all student appointments via phone/video/email, with no in-person meetings happening. Although the University Campus is closed, all ARC staff remain available to support Students with their individual access needs. 

Message from the Provost: Remote Connectivity and Library Services

Resources for Students – Remote Learning – COVID-19 FAQ’s 

How will accommodations for tests, quizzes and exams be administered? 

Since ARC will be unable to proctor tests, quizzes or exams in our Testing Office, it will be the responsibility of Faculty to provide most testing accommodations. Faculty have been instructed on methods for extending time. If you have reduced distraction or other testing accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to manage their testing environment. 

Large print exams:  If you have any concerns about the ability to use your computer to magnify the size of exams, please contact your instructor to ensure that the exam is available to you in a format conducive to magnification. 

If I have a Notetaking Accommodation will I continue to be provided notes during online instruction?  

You will still be provided notes depending on the online format for your course. ARC staff has reached out to Faculty to determine if notetaking is relevant for their course. 

How will my attendance accommodation be implemented if I am unable to attend online class? 

Please refer to the Attendance Agreement you should have completed with your Instructor at the start of the semester. 

I need to request an accommodation that I did not originally request due to the new format of my class 

If you need additional accommodations as a result of the online format, please contact ARC for assistance. 


  • Follow proper Email Etiquette using these guidelines and these tips.
  • Communicate! - Communicate with your classmates, instructors, and ARC as needed, early and often.
  • Be self-motivated and organized - Establish an effective time management plan - balance your time needed for class and studying with time needed for family and personal obligations - Set up a daily academic schedule using a planner with time-blocks and deadlines
  • Be technologically prepared - Explore Blackboard, Zoom, and other features on your WPUNJ Connect Portal to become comfortable with the online learning environment. - For basic desktop and Blackboard support, contact Information Technology Services at: 973-720-4357 or open a Help Desk ticket 
  • Create a good study environment - Quiet/Calm - Avoid games - Turn off cell phone - Beware of internet surfing - Set up good lighting and comfortable seating
  • The WP Writing Center is a great resource and now available ONLINE - if you require accommodations for an online session with the Writing Center please contact ARC