I received a flag - what should I do?

What is a Flag?

  • Flags are alerts raised by faculty, staff or offices that tell you there's something you need to take care of
    • They can be academic - such as a warning about attendance, needing tutoring or other actions you should take
    • They can indicate you need to hand in some key paperwork or finish a process
    • Often you'll get an email about the concern as well as a flag in Starfish

What should I do if I have a flag?

  • Most flags will outline an action you need to take - like checking on key paperwork or attending class
  • There also may be a person or office you can contact for additional help or guidance about what to do
    • The most important thing to do when you have a flag is address it early!
    • Reach out, follow the directions given in the flag and ask for help

If I have a flag am I in trouble?

  • No - Flags are our way of giving you a heads up about a concern - when there is still time to do something about it.
  • You're not being penalized or punished - you're being guided towards solving a problem and we're telling you who can help