How to set up a student profile

Setting up a student profile:

Getting started is very easy; step one is creating your profile – this is where you can upload a picture and set your preferences.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Use this link to - Go to Starfish Student Success
  • Or go to WP Connect and connect using the Blue Starfish icon under your apps button at the top of the page:
  • apps button    apps menu

Get started editing your profile by clicking the menu icon to the left of the word Success Network:  

Success Network Icon for student menu

Then Click the down arrow and click Profile to check your user information

Be sure to check off whether you want information to be sent to your alternate email (or text) as well as your WPU email.

  • You can add phone numbers so we can reach you
  • Set your preferences to send you a weekly update of reminders
  • Set your preferences to remind you before appointments you’ve set and to send you a weekly status report on any alerts, reminders to to-do's you have on your list

Once you’ve set up your profile, start checking in and exploring!