Presenters and Papers

2017 Presenters & Papers

Alec Marsh, Muhlenberg University
Williams’s ‘New Wandering’—the Extravagance of Al Que Quiere!

Elin Kack, Lipoking University (Sweden)
“Signing, Calling and Hearing: Dialogism in Al Que Quiere!

Jonathan Cohen, Stony Brook University
“Staking Out New Earth: The Spanish Epigraph of Al Que Quiere!
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Zachary Rearick, Georgia State University
“Imaginative Sexuality in Williams’s Al Que Quiere! and Spring and All

Marion Clavilier, CELIS, Universite’ Clermont Auverne (France)
“KHORA as a Matrix of Poetic and Choreographic Creation by the Reader”