Opening Speaker and Respondent
Julio Marzan, Nassau Community College
"Women Metaphors in Williams' Creation"

Conference Director & Vice-President- Willam Carlos Williams Society
Ian Copestake, University of Hamburg

Alisa Allkins, Wayne State University
"Williams and the Femininity of Destruction"

Daniel E. Burke, Marquette University
"Kora on Earth: Re-reading Williams' Demeter Myth"

Daphne Williams Fox Rutherford, NJ
"Remembering WCW"

Joshua Keiter, State University of New York at Binghamton
"To sail Free in Her Own Element": The "Cress" Letters in William Carlos Williams's Paterson

Michelle McSwiggan Kelly, Fordham University
"A Language of the Women, Not By the Women"

Ranjana Krishna, University of Lucknow, India
"The Doctor-Poet or an Architect?: A Study of the Images of Women and the Poetics of Creativity"

Kate Schnur, University of Michigan
"I Found Another to Admire"

Michael Sloane, Western University, Canada
"Williams's Nozzle"

Barrett Watten,  Wayne State University
Jeff Westover "Anticipatory Destruction in The Wedge: Williams, Women and the War Effort"

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