Keynote Address
Paul Mariani, University Professor of English, Boston College
"Getting the News from Despised Poems"

Ian Copestake, University of Hamburg
President, Willam Carlos Williams Society

Emperatriz Kathleen Ung, Georgetown University
"Some Elsie, Some Man: Encounters with the Disabled in William Carlos Williams' Poetry"

Ava Yoshida, Kyoto University
"'Asphodel, That Greeny Flower': Grecian Echoes in Later Williams"

Jeff Westover, Boise State University
"Seeing into the Life of Things: Looking and Iconoclasm in William' A Journey to Love"

Christopher Edwards, University of Melbourne
"Pressed Flowers, Crushed Sparrows, and the Posthumanist Variable Foot in Williams' A Journey to Love"

Jonathan Cohen, SUNY Stony Brook
"Reading the Williams(-Amaral) Translation of Alvaro Figueredo's 'Naked' and other 'Carlos' Personae of the Late Years"

Daniel E. Burke, Marquette University
"The Legacy of William Carlos in the Political Activism of Wendell Berry"

Graziano Kratli, Yale University
"'Nothing Can Bridge the Gap of Distance and Years for Us except the Written Word': William Carlos Williams' Indian Son(g)"

Frederick Adler, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and UC San Francisco
"Dr. Williams Brings Me the News: Reflections of a Musician/Doctor"

Performance of Emil Adler's "A Voice in the Garden: Six Poems by William Carlos Williams"
WPU Students and Faculty


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