Other Fees

You will be responsible for some of these fees, depending upon your course of studies.

Distance Learning Fee: $120.00 per online course
Electronic Music Fee: $40.00
Figure Skating Facility Fee: $50.00
Lab Fees: $40.00 (maximum charge of $120.00 per semester)
Late Payment Fee (Non-Negotiable): $200.00
Late Registration Fee (Non-Negotiable):
Music Private Lesson Fee: $225.00
Nursing Student Exit Test Fee: $40.00
Nursing:Clinical Instruction Nursing Fee: $200.00 (per clinical course)
Nursing: Non-Clinical Instruction Nursing Fee: $100.00 (per non-clinical course)
Nursing Malpractice Liability Insurance Fee: $10.00 or $20.00
Nursing: Grad Nursing Phys. Assessment Fee: $200.00
Nursing NCLEX Prep Fee: $70.00
Orientation Fee (Freshman/Transfer): $75.00
Resnet Fee: $40.00 (per semester for all resident students)
Returned Check Fee: $25.00
Student Teaching Fee: $375.00
Studio Art Fee: $40.00
Transportation Fee: $62.50 (per semester) 
TIP Payment Plan Fee: (non-refundable) $25.00
TIP Payment Plan Late Fee (non-refundable)    $50.00 per month

Course Fees support the cost of disposable supplies, maintenance of technical, scientific, laboratory or clinical equipment. These fees include: Distance Learning Fees, Lab Fees, Music Practice Room Fees, Private Lesson Fees and Student Teaching Fees.

Orientation Fee supports the cost of the program and activities.  Every student whether they are freshmen or transfer pay an orientation fee which is built into their first term at the University. New students pay it as part of their admission deposit. No refunds are provided for simply not attending. There is an additional fee of $30.00 per person for those who stay as part of the Overnight program. The fee supports the evening activities and helps us prepare the residence halls for your visit. 

Fees are subject to change at any time in accordance with policies established by the William Paterson University Board of Trustees.