Health Insurance Information

In accordance with the state law, all institutions of higher education in New Jersey are required to offer health insurance coverage for purchase by students who are enrolled full-time students.  For health insurance purposes, full time is defined as an undergraduate taking 12 or more credit hours or a graduate student taking 9 or more credits and Biology/Biotechnology graduate students taking 8 or more credit hours. Therefore, if you are enrolled as a full-time student as defined above, you were automatically billed for health insurance when you registered for classes.

Fall 2013

The annual Health Insurance fee will be automatically billed to all full-time students during the fall billing cycle.  The insurance fee for the academic year is $1,050.00 for undergraduate students and $1,505.00 for graduate students. The coverage under the policy is effective August 15, 2013 through August 14, 2014. 

Spring 2014

The half-year Health Insurance fee for the Spring 2014 semester will be billed to all new incoming full-time students and students who were part-time for the Fall 2013 semester and become full-time for the Spring 2014 semester. The half-year insurance fee is $650.00 for undergraduate students and $932.00 for graduate students.The coverage under the policy is effective January 1, 2014 through August 14, 2014. 

Summer 2014

The summer Health Insurance fee will be billed to all students who were part-time for the Fall 2013 and/or Spring 2014 semesters and become full-time for the Summer 2014 through June 20, 2014.  Students who wish to purchase insurance after June 20, 2014 must contact the Office of Student Accounts at 973-720-2234 to enroll in the insurance plan.  The summer insurance fee is $305.00 for undergraduate students and $437 for graduate students.  The coverage under the policy is effective May 1, 2014 through August 14, 2014.  

Enrollment/Waiver process

Students are required to either enroll in the plan or to waive the insurance.  If you plan to keep the University Sponsored insurance, you must enroll in the plan to access your insurance card on-line at  If you have other coverage that is comparable to the University Sponsored Insurance and do not wish to supplement your plan with the University's Plan, you must complete the on-line waiver form to have this charge removed from your bill. To enroll in or waive the insurance plan, go to Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver and follow the instructions.

Part-time students

The University Sponsored insurance plan is no longer being offered to part-time students.

Continuation of coverage

All insured Persons who have been continuously insured under the University's regular student policy for at least 3 consecutive months and who no longer meet the Eligibility requirements under the policy are eligible to continue their coverage for a period of not more than twelve months under the University's policy in effect.  If an Insured Person is still eligible for continuation at the beginning of the next policy year, the Insured must purchase coverage under the new policy as chosen by the University.  Full payment based on the coverage selected and the number of months chosen must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.  Coverage is effective immediately following the expiration under the previous continuation plan and must be purchased within 31 days after the expiration date of your previous continuation coverage.  If the premium is not received within 31 days, the premium will be refunded.  If you have additional questions and/or to request a form, please contact a customer service representative at First Student at 800-505-4160.