Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver

In accordance with the state law, all institutions of higher education in New Jersey are required to offer health insurance coverage for purchase by students who are enrolled full-time students.   Under the current health insurance offering unwritten by United Healthcare, full-time students are required to present evidence of insurance in order to be able to waive/opt out of the coverage.  For health insurance purposes, full time is defined as an undergraduate taking 12 or more credit hours or a graduate student taking 9 or more credits and Biology/Biotechnology graduate students taking 8 or more credit hours. 

Enrollment/Waiver process for 2013-2014

Students are required to either enroll in the plan or to waive the insurance.  If you plan to keep the University Sponsored insurance, you must enroll in the plan to retrieve your insurance card on-line at  If you have other coverage and waive/opt out of the coverage, you must complete the on-line waiver form to have this charge removed from your bill. You will be required to submit your current health insurance policy information to complete the form.  Once you successfully complete the form, please print a copy of the confirmation for your records.

For information regarding the insurance coverage provided by United Healthcare, please use the following please use the following link:

Once the waiver form is submitted, it's the student's responsibility to ensure that the charge has been reversed on the account. Please allow up to 72 hours (excluding weekends) for the insurance premium to be removed from your student account.

Instructions to Enroll in or Waive the insurance plan

To enroll in or waive coverage under the University Sponsored Plan, click on

On this site select, “Find Your School” at the top of the page and select William Paterson University from the drop down window. Next, select either “Enroll Now” or “Waive Your School’s Insurance” from the Student Tools Menu on the left side of the page and begin the process. Once you have completed all sections, print out a receipt for your personal records.

To complete the waiver process, you will need your student identification number [855#} and your current health insurance plan ID card.


Fall 2013  -  September 27, 2013

Spring 2014  - February 14, 2014 (extended to February 21, 2014)

Summer 2014 - June 20, 2014