Sophomore Checklist


This checklist was created to assist in the prevention of the “Sophomore Slump.”  The Sophomore Slump is defined as a students’ struggle with academically staying on point, desire to obtain independence and defining their personal identity and ability to create a purpose driven life.



·         Have a clear understanding of the requirements to complete the university core curriculum and selected major(s) and minor.

·         Meet with your academic advisor separate from the required appointment for registration.

·         Start to research internships or major related work experience.

·         Make an appointment with the Career Development Center.  Find out what services and programs would be beneficial to you.

·         Familiarize yourself with academic policies and regulations.

·         Utilize tutoring and writing resources on campus.

·         Track your cumulative GPA. Every semester counts!!


·         Continue to participate in campus activities and volunteer opportunities.  Identify possible leadership positions.

·         Explore and find out requirements for National Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs.

·         Update your resume regularly include summer work experience and campus and volunteer involvement.

·         Find a mentor (Hint: Join The University Mentoring Network).

·         Participate in a community service project.

·         Invest in a planner and practice time management.

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Jonnine N. DeLoatch
Director of Sophomore and Junior Experience

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Marcia Brown
Program Assistant