Junior Checklist

The Junior Check-list is designed to make sure that you stay on track as you continue to reach your goal of graduation from WPU.



·         Review or create an academic plan to check that all requirements are fulfilled and timely progress is being made towards graduation. Check credit requirement for major/minor and overall required credits to complete graduation requirements through the degree audit process

·         Meet with your advisor to discuss major and your plans for life after college.

·         Connect with Career Services or Department (Major) for information about internships and attend annual job fair.

·         Utilize tutoring and writing resources on campus.



·         Find a mentor (Hint: Join the University Mentoring Network)

·         Explore graduate schools.

·         Create or update resume.

·         Participate in the National Student Exchange or Study Abroad Program.

·         Create a network of faculty/staff, community professionals and alums in chosen field of study.

·         Identify faculty or staff regarding letters of recommendations for graduate/professional school.

·         Identify ways to strengthen your leadership skills and start or maintain connections to student organizations.

·         Identify and participate in at least one service opportunity.

·         Join professional organizations as a student.

Student Center
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Jonnine N. DeLoatch
Director of Sophomore and Junior Experience

(973) 720-3100


Marcia Brown
Program Assistant