The Science Enrichment Center (SEC) -- at a glance

bullet HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Thursday 9:30am - 5:00pm, Friday 9:30am to 2:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm
bullet LOCATION: SHE 3023,,, and SEC Blackboard
bullet No Excuse Academic Assistance: Onsite (Study group and Drop-In), Online, Exam Review, Blog (at SEC's BB site), E-mail
bullet Study Group Schedules: Schedules are updated on the web daily. Each study Group is listed by course and professor so that students can "Drop-In" on any group and professors can "see" when their students are meeting. Blank slots indicate when students can start new groups. Saturday is always kept a "Drop-in" day, along with several other "spots" during the week.
bullet SEC Home Page: This site links to resource, workshop, schedule and other SEC related information.
bullet RESOURCES: In-house and Virtual


CONTACT: 973-720-3340 or

  Virtual Science Enrichment Center: Laboratory, lecture, research, technology, career, reading, news, travel and other science and student-related informational sites.
Animations, Videos and graphics for each science, such as the EKG game from, skeletal website  Eskeletons from the University of Texas, Drugs of Abuse from the University of Utah, the SEC/Biology Department developed Drugs and Conditions site, and this Action Potential video from
Laboratory Links: Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. These sites contain models, quizzes, animations and other laboratory related information. For a demonstration, go to the "Cyberheart" link at gateway Community College.
Course Links: Discipline-based lecture and laboratory resources
Science Testbank: Exams and quizzes for the sciences
Virtual Reading Material: Current course books (in house), encyclopedias, thesauruses, dictionaries, glossaries, references, journal, magazines, newspapers, science news, world news, and access to Virtual Libraries
  Models, rock, maps, and other laboratory equipment
Tutorials: software, video tapes and discs
Workshops: Calculator Skills, Dimensional Analysis, Exam Strategy, and Mathematics for Chemistry, Kinesiology and Physics. Workshops are offered at the beginning of the semester and upon request
Survival Skills for the Student Workshop: Provides students with information that can help them successfully matriculate through the sciences and the university. The workshop takes one class period. If you would like to offer this workshop to your Freshmen Seminar Class, contact me.
Books: Current course text books, reference texts, and professor donated ancillaries.


  Tutoring Coupons: One coupon point is given for each one and a quarter hours of tutoring. The redemption value of these points is at the discretion of the professor. Security procedures are modeled after those used in the banking system. Coupons are personally transferred from tutor, Mentor, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, or Faculty member to the Director or Assistant Director who validates each attendance. Lecture coupons are green and lab coupons are yellow.
Early Alert: Professors notify the Early Alert Coordinator of students needing intervention through this program. Students entered into this program are contacted by both the Early Alert Coordinator and SEC Director. SEC contacts and provides information to students within 24 to 36 hours.The Early Alert link is located on the left side of WPConnect's "faculty" page. Note that the ability to refer students to this program usually ends mid-semester.
CSH Tracking System: Professors can access their students' tutoring record throughout the semester by "name" or "class". This record is dynamic and can be obtained through the "College of Science and Health Tracking" link located on the left side of WPConnect's "faculty" page.
 SEC Blackboard Site:
 Located on the Blackboard portal of each student taking a science
 Virtual Laboratory: contains images of all the SEC's  and the science laboratories' models and professor ancillaries
 Virtual "Windows" that facilitate students' ability to use the VSEC