Special Interest Housing

Substance Free Housing  

A leader in alcohol-abuse prevention, William Paterson University has received national awards for innovative approaches to alcohol prevention.  From online courses that educate students about the consequences of problematic drinking, to peer health advocates and community outreach with local towns, police departments, and bars, the program employs evidence-based strategies, and has facilitated the creation of a substance free living environment on campus.  

The Residence Life Program can accommodate a limited number of freshmen through seniors in a residential experience that will be dedicated to a substance-free lifestyle.  All students who choose to live in this residence community must sign a written agreement committing themselves to living a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.  The building is smoke-free, and no smoking is permitted in suites, hallways, or common areas.           

Substance Free Community

Being part of a substance free community gives you:

  • An opportunity to build social skills without the use of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • The chance to live in a community that promotes and supports a healthy living environment.
  • An opportunity to learn more about addiction and its consequences.    
  • The ability to participate with others in evening, late-night, and weekend activities that support a substance-free lifestyle.

Gender Neutral Housing  

William Paterson University seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited by the traditional gender binary. Gender Neutral Housing is available to students with sophomore status and above and allows for same-gender, opposite-gender or other-gender identities to live together regardless of sex. This provides a living/learning environment where residents can learn about and explore gender identity and expression in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Gender Neutral Housing participants must commit to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming living environment free of discrimination. Each resident accepted to live in Gender Neutral Housing must agree to the Gender Neutral Housing Agreement and will have responsibility to develop and uphold standards for the community in congruence with valuing all persons and seeking to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives.