Hillside Hall

Hillside Hall PageHillside Hall houses a total of 260 students, accommodating sophomores through seniors. The building is co-ed, and all rooms are arranged in suites. Each room is occupied by two students, connected by a bathroom to another room where two students of the same gender reside. Hillside has a total of 18 singles and 6 designated triple rooms. Air conditioning, cable TV, and wireless internet are in each room. Each floor has its own study lounge. Laundry facilities and vending machines are located on the first floor.

The building is smoke free. No smoking is permitted in suites, hallways, and common areas, and there are smoke detectors and fire prevention sprinklers in every room.

The Hillside Hall Office is located in Room 105; phone 973-720-3580.

Floor Plan

Hillside Hall Floor Plan