Hall Opening and Closing


Spring 2014 Closing Information

Spring Semester Closing - Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 12:00pm

You have two options for a successful “Checkout” of your room or apartment.

Our closing process requires all residents to officially sign out of their room before leaving campus at the end of the semester. Any keys issued to you must be returned, and final assessments of all rooms are completed. It is expected that you leave the room free of personal items and dispose of garbage in appropriate garbage containers

Express Checkout is an option that has you officially signing out of your room assignment and sealing your keys in a Express Check-Out envelope (available from the hall office and front desk in each building) that is deposited in specific boxes in your residence hall. You decline the option to discuss the condition of your room with a staff person. 

Express Checkout is convenient because you can move out on your schedule. The Residence Life staff will assess your room at a later time. Choosing this option does limit your ability to address any issues found in the room, and damage fines posted cannot be appealed. If you decide to use this option, please make sure you read the instructions for your building - all are explained in more detail on the right of this page.

Checkout with Residence Life Staff - Choosing the option to check out with a Residence Life staff person with you, will give you the opportunity to report any relevant information regarding the condition of your room with a Residence Life staff member.  This information may assist in the Resident Director determining responsibility for any damages upon their final review of the building.

Leaving at the end of the semester without doing either checkout option will result in an Improper Checkout Fine of $50.00 assessed to your account.

For more information regarding access to the Residential Gate, please see the Residential Gate Access page.

Please click on the building in which you reside for detailed instructions regarding the Express Checkout option.

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