Resident Assistants

What is a Resident Assistant?

A Resident Assistant at William Paterson University is a full-time undergraduate student whose function is to act as a student advisor to approximately 50 resident students in the University residence halls.  RAs are selected because of their maturity, leadership qualities, experience, and interest in working with other students and staff.  They are a vital and necessary link in the Residence Life program.  As a paraprofessional staff member of the Division of Student Development, he/she is the representative of the University who works most directly with campus residents from all walks of life.  The RA reports to his/her Resident Director, and together they are responsible to the Department of Residence Life.

Who can be an RA at WPU?

Before becoming a Resident Assistant, several qualifications need to be met.  RAs need to be/have:

  • A full-time undergraduate student taking no more than 19 credit hours per semester;
  • A minimum of a 2.70 cumulative and semester GPA; 
  • A sophomore, junior, or senior at time of employment, and;
  • Free from any probationary discipline from the University judicial process

Resident Assistants are allowed to work one on-campus job along with their RA position, but the outside employment must not exceed 25 hours per week.

What are the benefits of being an RA?

Being a Resident Assistant offers many benefits to those who hold the position.  RAs are afforded the opportunity to develop leadership skills that are vital to a student's success after their time at William Paterson. RAs also learn and develop skills such as active listening, mediation, problem solving, administration, and mentoring throughout the duration of their position.

Also, due to the intensive and time-consuming nature of the position, RAs receive compensation in the form of free housing and an RA meal plan.  RAs are given a single room in the residence hall that they work and live in, and receive 19 meals per week with their meal plan.  The compensation package does not include any Pioneer Express money.

Sounds great!  How do I apply?

All interested candidates must come to the Residence Life Central Office located in the lower level of White Hall.   Applications will be sent to all eligible candidates via the Pioneer Life system.  We look forward to meeting you.

Dates To Remember

Spring 2015 RA Selection Process

Applications are available now through Friday, November 7th.  Please come to the Res Life Office to sign up and receive access to an application.  All applications and materials are submitted through PioneerLife.  To access PioneerLife, please click here.

2015 - 2016 RA Selection Process

RA Info Sessions for the 2015 - 2016 academic year will be available in December 2014, so check back to find dates and times to attend!

For more information, please contact the Residence Life Office at 973-720-2713.