Cluster Programs

The Cluster Program

The Cluster Program has been offering courses to freshmen for over 15 years and has received an enthusiastic response from students and faculty alike. Students find it is easier to make friends in smaller classes, to relate to their teachers, and to be interested in the courses which are more connected with each other.

Clusters are comprised of three required General Education courses taught together. The same group of 20-25 students take the 3 courses together. Each course has its own teacher and separate grading. The classes meet separately twice a week for 50 minutes and then combine their 3 class periods on a third day for a 3 hour lab-type session that connects their three classes and teachers. On these days clusters do activities that help connect their different courses such as field trips to museums or environmental sites, discuss movies or plays, create debates or presentations. The 3 courses must be taken together.

Students interested in a cluster should contact Barbara Andrew:
by email -
or phone at x3723
or in person - Atrium 275


Day Time Instructor Course # Course Name
Cluster One  
Mon, Tue, Wed 9:30 - 10:20 am Sherman, Glen PSY110-50 General Psychology
Mon, Tue, Wed 10:30 - 11:20 am Hettinger, Gillian ENG 110-50 Writing Effective Prose
Mon, Tue, Wed 11:30am - 12:20 pm Vandergast, Tim PHIL 110-50 Intro to Philosophy
Cluster Two      
Mon,Tue, Thur 9:30-10-20 am White, Doris ENG 110-51 Writing Effective Prose
Mon,Tue, Thur 10:30-11:20 am Gubbins, Karie WS 150-51 Racism and Sexism
Mon,Tue, Thur 11:30-12:20 pm Lelyveld, David HIST 101-51 The West and the World