September 6- December 22
Q1:September 6- October 27
Q2-October 28-December 22


March 6 Registration for Summer 2017 for visiting students begins**
April 6-20
Registration for Fall and Summer 2017**
Please adhere to the Registration Timetable on the web.
April 21-Sept. 12 Registration for Fall and Summer 2017** for WPU & Visiting Students
Please adhere to the Registration Timetable on the web.
May 17 Graduate Commencement
May 19 Undergraduate Commencement
May 29 Memorial Day, University Closed
July 4 Independence Day, University Closed
August 16 - Sept.12
 Late Registration (Late Fee assessed-$150.00.)
September 1 Last day to apply for the January 2018 graduation period
September 4 Labor Day, University Closed
September 6 Fall 2017 semester begins
September 6 First Academic Quarter Begins(Q1)
September 6-12 Fall 2017 program adjustment (see instructions on the web)
September 12 Last day for 100% refund for withdrawal from a full semester course
September 15

Last day to request the pass/fail or audit option.Please e-mail Registrar@wpunj.edu

October 9 Columbus Day, University Open, Classes in Session
October 11 Last Day for 50% refund for withdrawal from a course
October 27 First Academic Quarter ends(Quarter Course-Q1)
October 28 Second Academic Quarter begins(Quarter Course-Q2)
November 7 Election Day, University Open, Classes in Session
November 8 Last Day to academically withdraw from a course for Fall 2017(NO REFUND)
November 11 Veteran's Day, University Open, classes in session
November 22 Last day to apply for a Leave of Absence
November 23 Thanksgiving Day, University Closed
November 24-November 26 Classes cancelled,University Closed 
December 14 Last day to Withdraw from the University
December 15-22 Examination period and /or continued class instruction
December 22 Second Academic Quarter ends-Quarter Course-Q2
December 22 Fall 2017 semester ends at close of academic day
December 23 Winter Break Begins
December 25-January 1 University Closed
December 26 Winter Session 2018 begins
January 3 Fall 2017 grades due to Registrar from faculty
January 14 Winter Session 2018 Ends
January 17 First day of classes Spring 2018 semester

(Students should not put off registering beyond the first window.  The university can not guarantee seat availability.  To wait to register will create an inconvenience for all concerned.)

*The refund deadline for dropping classes for the Fall 2017 semester is 11:59PM on the dates listed above.

**Please see the Summer 2017 Calendar for the exact dates of registration.