Bidding Threshold, Processing and Lead times

Effective July 1, 2017, the public bidding threshold amount increased from $33,000 to $33,300. The following new levels are in effect for University purchases:

Bidding Requirements(based on requisition value)

Under $6,000 – Documentation of competitive bids or quotes is not required. The University expects Departments will use good judgment to insure that we receive the best value.

From $6,000 but less than $10,000 - Three price quotes are needed, either verbal or written. The quotes can be obtained by the requisitioning Department or by Purchasing.

From $10,000 but less than $33,299 – Three written quotes are needed. The quotes can be obtained by the requisitioning Department or by Purchasing.

From $33,300 or above - A publicly advertised bid must be issued by the Purchasing Department.

A copy of price quotes obtained by the requisitioning Department must be sent to the Purchasing Department.

Bidding is not required for requisitions to vendors with State of NJ contracts, University contracts, or University Board Waivers. Products under GSA (Federal) contracts are now also exempt from the bidding requirement.

Please also be reminded of the University’s goal of utilizing small, women and minority-owned businesses, as part of our commitment to regional economic development.

Other Requirements

Vendors who reach a dollar threshold $4,950 and above – The Purchasing Department must have a copy of the vendor’s Business Registration Certificate (BRC) as issued by the NJ Division of Revenue. Requisitions will not be approved until the BRC is received. The $4,950 is the cumulative value of all requisitions/purchase orders issued to an individual or vendor, in a given year.

At $17,500 and above - The vendor must comply with Public Law 2005, Chapter 51 (formally Executive Order 134, Pay to Play), Public Law 20056, Chapter 271 and Executive Order 117. Purchasing will handle distribution of the required documents to the vendor.

REV 9/2015