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To the William Paterson University Community

I want to take this opportunity to affirm my personal commitment and that of the entire University to support employment equity and affirmative action and non-discrimination on campus, as reflected in the New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace and the University’s Employment Equity/Affirmative Action Policy and Non-Discrimination Policy.  The responsibility for the University’s adherence to these policies rests ultimately with the President, but I share this responsibility with all members of the University community, particularly those who are or will be engaging in the hiring process.  The University is committed to fairness and equity, and I ask all of you to join with me and the Office of Employment Equity and Diversity to ensure the success of our collective efforts.

The Employment Equity/Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination Policy Statements are presented on page two of this document, and I encourage everyone to read them periodically to keep in mind the goals we have set for ourselves. Progress on these goals requires cooperative, positive actions by all of us to prevent discrimination, whether intentional or not, in all aspects of University employment, student enrollment, and student services.

The Office of Employment Equity and Diversity (OEED) is responsible for monitoring University policies and procedures to ensure compliance with equal opportunity laws and affirmative action guidelines. This includes preparing and monitoring the University’s Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with federal and state laws. The OEED serves as a resource for the University community on laws and regulations relating to equal opportunity, affirmative action, non-discrimination, and harassment. Additionally, OEED is responsible for regulating employment processes to ensure compliance with employment laws, including overseeing faculty and professional searches and briefing search committees on procedures.

John Sims has been designated as the Title IX Coordinator. Inquiries concerning the application of federal and state laws and regulations, among others, and of the referenced University policies, should be directed to Mr. Sims in the Office of Employment Equity and Diversity at ext. 2389, College Hall, Room 120.

Working together, we can make significant strides in achieving a campus environment that reflects a common commitment to equity and non-discrimination for all employees, students, and persons doing business with the University.

Thank you.


Kathleen Waldron

William Paterson University Employment Equity/Affirmative Action Policy

It is the policy of The William Paterson University of New Jersey to provide equal employment opportunity as well as equity of conditions of employment to all its academic and non-academic employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, sex, age, ethnic origin, religion, creed, or marital status. Recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, and the designation of salaries and benefits and all other personnel matters are to be carried out in such a manner as to insure equity for all qualified persons without preference to anyone on basis of race, sex, age, ethnic origin, religion, creed, or marital status. This policy will be implemented and administered in accordance with all Federal and State laws and regulations which bear upon matters and conditions of employment in institutions of higher education.

The University has developed an affirmative action program in fulfillment of its obligations under Federal and State equal opportunity employment legislation. The primary purpose of this program is to insure that practices and procedures are developed, implemented, and administered which will sustain equity for all persons with regard to the technical and legal requirements of affirmative action legislation as well as its human dimensions.

William Paterson University Non-Discrimination Policy

The William Paterson University of New Jersey is committed to equal employment opportunity and to maintaining an academic and work environment for students, faculty, and staff which is conducive to the achievement of educational and career goals on the basis of ability and performance, and which is free of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or marital status.

Since discriminatory behavior seriously undermines the atmosphere of trust essential to the academic and work environment, anyone who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

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