To: The William Paterson University Community

From: Kathleen Waldron, President
Re: Board of Trustees Adopts Strategic Plan 2012-2022
Date: March 23, 2012

The Board of Trustees formally adopted the William Paterson University Strategic Plan 2012-2022 at its meeting on Monday, March 19, 2012, culminating a ten month collaborative process that included faculty, staff, and students at William Paterson. Click Here for Internal Access to the PlanOn behalf of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, I am delighted that the Board has taken this important step that will guide our collective endeavors over the next ten years. 

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee presented the Plan to the Board of Trustees after receiving input from the University community from feedback sessions in late January and February 2012, including town hall meetings, the Fall and Spring Faculty Meeting, and meetings of the Faculty Senate, Director's Council, students via the Student Government Association, and retreats with the Board.  The Committee thanks the University community for playing such an important role in bringing forward issues of concern, all of which were thoughtfully discussed at the Committee meetings. The final document incorporates many of the comments and suggestions that were received from the various feedback sessions. 

The Faculty Senate engaged in a series of discussion and feedback sessions, and ultimately endorsed the Plan. The 36-5 vote in favor of the Plan is an indication of the strength of support for this Plan, and I thank John Parras, chair of the Faculty Senate, for his leadership in guiding the Senate’s discussions, and the Senators who gave thoughtful consideration to the Plan and provided such important feedback.

I want to commend the work of the Steering Committee and the commitment they made to insuring that the process was deliberative, transparent, and comprehensive.  Each member made a valuable contribution to the success of the project, and the University owes them a debt of gratitude for the time, effort, and good counsel they provided.

Now we turn to the implementation of the Plan.  For each of the five overarching goals in the Strategic Plan, a team of faculty, staff, and students will lead the implementation and oversee progress toward the achievement of each goal. Each team will be led by a vice president and will be charged with crafting an implementation plan with recommended timetables, metrics and methods of assessment of the strategic goals. In addition, each team will provide minutes of its meetings and an annual report on the progress against the goal. It is expected that each team will utilize the existing councils, committees, standing committees and administrative and governance structures we have in place at the University today and form new groups if needed in a collaborative way with all parts of the campus community. Each team should complete its initial plan by the end of the Spring 2012 semester. Some meetings are already underway, others are being planned.

In addition to the five implementation teams, the University will form Committee 2022 with the specific responsibility of receiving the five annual reports of the implementation teams and communicating annually to the William Paterson University community on the progress of our strategic planning efforts. Committee 2022 will provide input to the President as to the progress of the University and recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

The five implementation teams, Committee 2022, and their proposed membership are listed below.  Invitations have been extended to faculty, staff, and students to participate, and as membership becomes finalized, we will update the rosters accordingly.


TEAM ONE: Offer Academic Programs of the Highest Quality – Chair Edward Weil, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, faculty, and representatives from the Academic Affairs Council

TEAM TWO: Achieve Student Success by Increasing Matriculation, Retention and Graduation – Chair Kristin Cohen, VP Enrollment Management and the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee

  Sandra Bembry Director of Student Accounts
  Cindy Cohen Associate Director, Athletics
  Kristin Cohen Vice President, Enrollment Management
  Kim Daniel Robinson Director, First-Year Experience
  Janet Davis Dukes Executive Director, Academic Development Programs
  Francisco Diaz Assistant Vice President for Campus Life
  Christine Diehl Director, Marketing Communications
  Rebecca Fegeley Assistant Director of Residence Education, Residence Life
  Pixie Ferris Professor, Communication, College of Arts and Communication
  Colleen Fuller Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  Jean Fuller-Stanley Associate Dean, College of Science and Health
  Rosemarie Genco Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller
  Martin Gritsch Professor and Assistant to the Dean, Economics, Finance and Global Business, Cotsakos College of Business
  Stephanie Koprowski-McGowan Director, Office of Educational Enrollment and Certification, College of Education
  Jonathan McCoy Executive Director, Enrollment Management & Technology
  Kathleen Odell-Korgen Professor and Department Chairperson, Sociology, College of Humanities and Social Science
  Donna Potacco Director, Science Enrichment Center
  Sharon Rosengart  Director, Career Development and Advisement Center
  Julie Rosenthal   Assistant Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, College of Education
  Kenneth Schneider Director, Center for Student Services, Enrollment Management
  Nina Trelisky Director, Registration Services
  Jeff Wakeman Director, Campus Activities
  Robert Wolk (or Designee) Special Collections & Archive, Cheng Library, Faculty Senate Council on Admission and Enrollment Management
  Jane Zeff Director, Institutional Research and Assessment

TEAM THREE: Provide Students with Exceptional Opportunities Beyond the Classroom – Chair John Martone, VP Student Development and committee to be determined

TEAM FOUR: Enhance the Sense of Community Throughout and Beyond the University – Chair Pamela Ferguson, VP Institutional Advancement and committee to be determined

TEAM FIVE: Be a Model of Outstanding and Affordable Public Higher Education –
Chair Steve Bolyai, VP Administration and Finance with representatives from the Campus Facilities Committee, the Campus Safety Committee, the ACUPCC Steering Committee, the Senate Budget and Planning Committee, the Banner User Group, the Learning Spaces Committee and the IT Advisory Committee


  Edward Weil, co-chair Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chair of Team 1
  Steve Bolyai, co-chair Vice President for Administration and Finance, Chair of Team 5
  Kristin Cohen  Vice President for Enrollment Management, Chair of Team 2
  John Martone Vice President for Student Development, Chair of Team 3
  Pamela Ferguson Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Chair of Team 4
  John Parras Chair, Faculty Senate
  Kim Daniel-Robinson Chair, Director's Council
  Undergraduate Student  
  Graduate Student  
  AFT Representative Selected by AFT
  CWA Representative Selected by CWA
  Academic Dean Rotating every year
  Alumni Executive Council Representative  
  Stuart Goldstein Associate Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations, staff to Committee 2022
William Paterson University
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