Emergency Notification Service


The Jeanne Clery Act requires that Emergency Notifications be issued when it is determined that there is a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving the health or safety of students or employees occurring on campus.

A significant emergency can be de-fined as an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees. This would include all hazards, such as a Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster, Environmental or other significant emergency. Although the Emergency Notification policy is part of the Jeanne Clery Act, these notifications are for any incident that is deemed an emergency and is not just for crimes specifically mentioned in the Clery Act.

In the event that such a situation is confirmed by the University Police, the Director of Public Safety and University Police will be immediately notified, who in turn will contact the Vice President of Administration and Finance to authorize an activation of the Connect-Ed System without delay. A broadcast will be sent via text message to all members of the University who have signed up for this notification. Furthermore, a voice mail notification and a University-wide e-mail would be sent in conjunction with the first message. All staff, faculty, resident students as well as commuter students, would be included in the follow-up message.

This notification would only be delayed if issuing it would compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to or otherwise mitigate the emergency. Also, if such a notification is issued, a timely warning, via e-mail, telephone, or cell-phone, may not be issued explaining the same circum-stances.

In the event of an emergency warning being issued, adequate follow-up information would subsequently be issued such as an “all clear” message or updates about continuing steps that will be taken to respond to an emergency, i.e., class cancellations.



William Paterson University has entered into a contract with the NTI Group in order to provide Connect-ED Emergency Notification Services. This service was specifically built for post-secondary institutions and allows campus leaders and public safety professionals to send time-based notifications to thousands of people in minutes. Connect-Ed allows the University to “push” personalized communications to our constituency rather than having the constituency “pull” the information via e-mail, web or dial in announcements.

Notifications for unexpected events such as natural or man-made disasters, utilities or technology outages, security threats, campus closures or other events deemed campus emergencies will be recorded and sent by University officials utilizing Connect-ED. It allows the University to be both reactive and proactive, with the ability to send notifications during and after an emergency. This service is provided as an Opt-in service to all University students, faculty and staff. Access to the Opt-in Service is through the WPConnect portal which is available through the University’s website. Each individual can register up to 6 points of contact which will receive these important messages. The 6 points can include: Home phone, Alternate phone, cell phone or PDA, University E-mail, Emergency E-mail or Text/SMS.

For more information about Connect-ED, please download:
Connect-ED PDF for Students
Connect-ED PDF for Staff

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