Recent Awards

New Awards

Michael Griffiths: Late Phanerozoic Evolution of Seawater Temperature and Sr/Ca: New Insights from "Clumped Isotope” Thermometry in Biogenic Apatite

This project to reconstruct seawater Sr/Ca ratios by using clumped isotope thermometry in bioapatite of fossil shark teeth will produce complete reconstruction of mineral formation temperatures and sea water Sr/Ca values for select time periods over the past 90 million years, thanks to a grant from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund for $54,956.

Bernadette Tiernan: Finance, Manufacturing and Recovery for Jersey

The Center for Continuing and Professional Education will provide training to employees of small New Jersey businesses to maintain safety protocols, improve customer service, and promote greater efficiencies thanks to three grants from the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development totaling $396,528.

Jennifer Di Noia: Online WIC Nutrition Education to Promote Farmers’ Market Fruit and Vegetable Purchases and Consumption

This project will engage WIC participants in the development of online nutrition education lessons to encourage increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to a grant from the USDA Center for Collaborative Research on WIC Nutrition Education Innovations at the USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine for $274,967.

Amy Learmonth: Can Video Speak the language of Autism

This project to examine if video medium offers children with autism an advantage over live instruction will offer insight into why imitation is different for this population, thanks to a grant from the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJ ACE) Clinical Research Program for $125,899.

Lindsay Bard: William Paterson University HERO Campaign

The HERO Campaign project will continue to educate and promote the importance of sober designated drivers, to our students, thanks to a grant from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety for $15,000.

Susan Dinan: Consultant Grant 2014

This project will support the consultation services of NCHC members to assist with the review, assessment, and enhancement of the educational programs in the Honors College, thanks to a grant from the National Collegiate Honors Council for $2,000.

Bernadette Tiernan: Passaic School District: High School Summer Enrichment Program

This project will provide the opportunity for rising Passaic High School Students to take a college level course at William Paterson University during the summer term, thanks to a contract through the Passaic School District for $121,000.

Glen Sherman and Sherrine Schuldt: Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnership for Success

This collaborative project with The Regional Coalition, United for Prevention in Passaic County, will expand programs for prevention of underage drinking and prescription drug misuse and abuse for youth throughout the county, thanks to a grant from the NJ Department of Human Service, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services for $96,288.

Michael Griffiths: Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Deglacial and Holocene Climate Variability in South East Asia Using Speleothems and Isotope-enabled Model Simulations

This project to study and collect new samples of mineral cave deposits in Laos will produce high-quality speleothem records of past climate and hydrologic variability over the last 20,000 years, thanks to a grant from National Science Foundation for $59,496.

Lynette Butler: VA Work Study Support

This project to hire veteran work-study students will provide employment opportunities for our VA students while they are also earning their degrees, thanks to a $107,250 grant/site designation from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lance Risley: Distribution, Abundance, and Species Diversity of Foraging Bats at the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center

This long-term study to determine abundance and track the movement of northern long-eared bats in areas that have been previously assessed for ecological risk due to presence of environmental contaminants will continue this summer, thanks to additional subcontracts from the Federal Aviation Administration through the TRC Environmental Corporation for $38,733.