College of Arts and Communication

The College of Arts and Communication offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, music and communication. Courses and programs span the full range of approaches to the arts. Students of any major may take courses to learn history and develop appreciation of great works in the liberal arts tradition, while performers and artists take hands-on courses to hone their skills in playing music, creating sculpture, painting and other mediums. Many aspects of journalism and broadcast communication are studied as well. The College boasts a diverse and tremendously talented faculty, each of which is a successful professional in their artistic field. Members of the faculty have published and/or exhibited works and performed all over the world.

Grant funding received in the College of Arts and Communication supports public performances and educational programs to promote the arts. For example, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts provides funding in support of the University Art Galleries and the University Performing Arts programs. Dr. Frierson-Campbell, the chairperson of the Music Department, received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts that supported the 2011 and the 2012 Cross-Cultural Arts Festivals.