Celebrating Awards

New Awards

Kara Rabbitt and Bruce Williams: Bilingual Endorsement Program

WPU will provide a new Bilingual Endorsement Program for a cohort of teachers in the Paterson Public Schools, thanks to a contract from the Paterson Public Schools for $279,905.

Sherrine Schuldt, Glen Sherman, and William Kernan: Passaic Coalition to Utilize Environmental Strategies

The continuation of the Passaic Coalition project will expand prevention programs and will reduce underage drinking and access to prescription drugs through peer education groups on campus and in the surrounding communities, thanks to a grant from the NJ Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for $150,000.

Aleksandar Kecojevic: Tobacco Policy for the 21st Century: A 100% Tobacco-Free WPUNJ

Thanks to a grant from the American Cancer Society for $20,000, this project will develop a proposed policy to establish WP as a 100% tobacco free institution.

Kabba Colley and Darlene Russell: Exploring the Agroecology and Cultural Narratives of the SeneGambia River Basin: A WPUNJ & University of Thies STEAM Initiative

This Fulbright-Hays Group Research Project Abroad, in Senegal, will explore STEAM initiatives and opportunities for curriculum development in teacher education programs using the SeneGambia River Basin, thanks to a grant from the US Department of Education, for $99,078.

Michael Griffiths: Barnegat Bay Cores Summer 2017

Thanks to a subcontract from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for $8,200, this project will conduct research on the Barnegat Bay by collecting core samples and analyzing the geochemical signals preserved in the estuarine sediment.

Lance Risley: Northern Long-Eared Bat Surveys Summer 2017

This project will involve student assistants in the netting and studying of bat populations in New Jersey, thanks to a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration through TRC, Inc., for $14,043.

Lance Risley: Endangered and Nongame Species Program, Bat Research, 2017

This project will conduct mist-netting surveys across New Jersey, targeting the federally threatened Northern Long-eared Bat and the federally endangered Indiana Bat, thanks to a grant from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, for $11,750.

Jane Stein: Melissa Aldana/Jazz Touring Network

This project will help support the performance and interview session with Melissa Aldana, scheduled during the Fall Semester, thanks to a grant from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, for $1,600.

Kem Louie: Nurse Faculty Loan Program, FY2018

This program will continue to provide financial assistance to masters and doctoral nursing students who are interested in pursuing faculty positions after graduation, thanks to a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration for $196,132.

Bernadette Tiernan: Skills Partnership Grants: Construction, Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing Technology Consortium

These projects will provide training assistance and certification for managers and employees of New Jersey based businesses in the areas of Construction, Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing Industries, thanks to multiple grants from the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development, totaling $480,720

WP has had great success over the years in obtaining external support for sponsored projects.  In FY2016, we received over $6,300,000 to support a variety of projects.  This chart compares the number of proposals that were submitted to awards that were active, which includes multi-year awards.  57% of proposals submitted in FY2016 have been funded.

Number of New and Continuing Awards by Unit FY2016

Value of New and Continuing Awards by Unit FY2016