Academic Misconduct and Fraud Policy

"As an academic institution committed to the discovery and dissemination of truth, William Paterson University expects that all members of the University community shall conduct themselves honestly and with professional demeanor in all academic activities".

"WPUNJ has established standards of academic conduct because of its belief that academic honesty is a matter of individual and University responsibility , and that, when standards of honesty are violated, each member of the community is harmed".

"Members of the University community are expected to acknowledge their individual responsibility to be familiar with and adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy" (William Paterson University Graduate Catalog, 2000-2002, page 15).

As applied to the conduct of professional research, "fraud in the conduct of research undermines the scientific enterprise and erodes the public trust in the academic community to conduct research and communicate results using the highest standards and ethical practices".

(Hansen, B.C. & Hansen, K.D. (1988). "Allegations of academic or research misconduct: An evolving model of policies and procedures for institutions". Grants Magazine, 11(2), 65-71.)

This policy applies to all aspects of research, scholarship, and professional endeavors of all University faculty, librarians, professional staff, and administration.

  • William Paterson University Policy on Research, Scholarship, and Academic Misconduct and Fraud: PDF
  • Report Form: PDF, Word
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity, policies and forms