The Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers is a set of rigorous and carefully validated assessments that provides accurate, reliable information for use by state education agencies in making licensing decisions. (2004-2005 Praxis Bulletin)

There are three levels of assessment. They are:

PRAXIS I:Pre-Professional Skills Tests. This is designed to be taken early in your college career. It measures your reading, writing and mathematical skills.

PRAXIS II: Subject Assessments. This is designed to measure your content knowledge of the subjects you will teach as well as general and subject-specific pedagogical skills and knowledge.

PRAXIS III: Classroom Performance Assessments. This is used to evaluate all aspects of a beginning teacher's classroom performance. It is designed to assist in making licensure decisions. These assessments are conducted in the teacher's classroom by trained local observers and are typically administered during the first year of teaching.

Review material, Tests at a Glance, is available without charge from ETS. They are designed to help you prepare for PRAXIS I and II assessments. You may obtain the booklets by calling ETS. The telephone number is 609-771-7395 or by downloading from the Teaching and Learning web site:

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