LIB - Damaged Procedures

Cheng Library - Damaged Books Procedures

Procedures for damaged books

Damaged books should first be marked Status-Damaged and Temp. Location-Tech Services Damaged in Voyager, usually in Lending Services. They are then given to Pam Dews in Technical Services, who sorts them and contacts the selectors. Selectors are given the option to repair/replace, or discard the damaged books.

If a selector asks for a book to be repaired, the item might be sent to the bindery, repaired in-house, or replaced with a new copy/edition at the discretion of the Collection Development librarian. Factors in the decision include the cost of repair versus replacement and the condition of the book. Some books cannot be repaired or rebound at all.

Replacement copies are handled by Acquisitions and Cataloging staff normally. Repaired items are put on the Mended shelf in Tech Services in the back compact shelving. Cataloging staff take items from that shelf and remove the Damaged status and location before sending them to Lending Services to be reshelved.

Last updated April 17, 2006