Workshops & Tutorials

The Library offers many opportunities to learn about our services and resources through Workshops and online Tutorials.  To learn more, check out the options, below.

Each semester, new workshops are offered to students, faculty and staff.  Take a look at our upcoming sessions for this semester!

Instruction On Demand

These short tutorials, each taking about 5 minutes or less, are a great way to get quick answers about the library and the services we offer, as you need it.

Most of our tutorials can be found on the Cheng Library YouTube account, including some not listed here! A few, like the Scholarly v. Popular can only be found on this page, though, and may require Adobe Flash Player (free at Adobe website).

If you have an idea for a new tutorial, or are having difficulty with any of our existing ones, please contact Tony Joachim (973-720-3665).

  • Assignment Calculator
    Need help planning your research project?  This resource will provide you with deadlines and step-by-step instructions for completing your research on time!
  • Using Citations to Find Specific Articles @ The Cheng Library
    Ever had an article that your professor put on the syllabus that you couldn't find?  Or, found some great research when reading a book, but didn't know where to look to get the full text?  This short tutorial will walk you through the steps for tracking those citations and getting the whole article!
  • PsycINFO tutorial
    This series of short tutorials will introduce the PsycINFO database and show you the ins-and-outs of searching, narrowing your results, and finding full-text articles for your psychology research! 
  • Scholarly v. Popular
    Learn the differences between scholarly and popular articles, and the peer review process!