Maps, Atlases, and Geography

Atlases and Gazetteers

Graphic Map's World Atlas and Geography Facts (
This site functions as a gateway to maps and atlases covering all the countries of the world. The links vary in quality and details, but this is a good starting point for geography questions.

National Atlas of the United States of America
In development since 1997, this government-produced atlas makes good use of interactive web technology to generate maps based on authoritative national geospatial and geostatistical data sets collected by government agencies. Within the data parameters available, you can view scientific, social, or historical data in map formats.

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Climate and Weather

National Climatic Data Center
This U.S. government site bills itself as the "World's Largest Archive of Weather Data." You can search for individual weather stations, locate satellite, climate, and radar data stored in various meterological databases, and link to related sites.

National Weather Service
Storehouse of national, international and regional weather data, including current and extended forecasts, weather maps, storm predictions, marine weather, and more.

The Weather Channel
Current weather news, maps, forecasts, storm tracking, and a search engine you can use to find local weather information.

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General Geography Sites

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Geographic Information System
To support and improve environmental management decisions throughout the state's the Department of Environmental Protection, the GIS office facilitates data acquisition and sharing. Much of this data, covering such features as lakes, streams, landuse, municipalities, and wetlands, is available for download here. To view the data, you'll need the ESRI ArcExplorer software, available for free.

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