Copyright Information

For additional information about Copyright Law, Fair Use and Higher Education, and Tutorials, we recommend the following sites:


Copyright Law:

United States Copyright Office
This Library of Congress site provides information about federal regulations, current legislation, and instructions for registering for copyright protection.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
This Association of Research Libraries site provides information about pending legislation and decisions, discussion about peer-to-peer file sharing and digital rights management, as well as links to international activities.

Educause: DMCA Information
This site provides comprehensive information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Fair Use and Higher Education:

Fair Use Checklist

This checklist is published by Columbia University Libraries/Information Services Copyright Advisory Office.  The Fair Use checklist helps faculty and librarians to evaluate each circumstance when using copyrighted works while providing a record of the decision-making process.

Copyright Basics for Educators
This site provides a comprehensive FAQ, most specifically addressing the use of media: software, videos, digital materials.

Copyright Advisory Office
This Columbia University site provides links to copyright policies and standards, an overview of Fair use including a checklist, and provides links and discussion about ownership, and seeking permission.

Know Your Copy Rights
This brochure published by the Association of Research Libraries is intended for faculty and teaching assistants and discusses fair use, linking to v. copying works, displaying or performing works in class, and provides an easy-to-use chart highlighting situations where you may copy/link without permission or fees.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Words by Educators and Librarians
U.S. Copyright Office Circular 21discusses the legislative fair use provisions outlined in Sections 107 and 108 of the Copyright Law which allow for reproduction of copyrighted materials by librarians and educators.


Guides and Tutorials:

A Visit to Copyright Bay
This University of St. Francis site provides a fun overview for educators about copyright issues in a non-profit setting.

Crash Course in Copyright
This University of Texas site provides a comprehensive tutorial.

Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright
This tutorial produced by the Library of Congress is intended for students and teachers.

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