Donating to the Archive

Because your donations are important to us we suggest that you consider the following:


  1. If you would like to discuss your donations in advance, or have questions, please contact
    Bob Wolk
    Library Special Collections & Archive
    (973) 720-2289
  2. To ensure safe handling and processing in transit, please use a padded mailing bag available at the Post Office. For your convenience we have provided a pre-addressed label.
  3. Describe the papers or artifacts you are donating indicating their association and or significance to the University, and the date.
  4. If you reside near the University, you can drop off the materials at the Cheng Library
  5. If you can not get to a Post Office, are sending fragile materials, or objects that can not otherwise be shipped in the mail, we will consider a pick up at your home. Again, please contact Bob Wolk at the above number to make arrangements.

If you do not wish to donate personal papers or photographs, we ask that the University be allowed to copy them for the Archives. Please be assured that all materials on loan will be returned in a timely fashion.

Throughout the year you will receive announcements of planned programs and events. On these occasions we will strive to demonstrate how your legacy has now become our tradition.