University Archive Collection Priorities

Note: The term "University" used below also refers to William Paterson College and all of the institution's historical antecedents, such as Paterson City Normal School, NJ State Normal School at Paterson, Paterson State Teachers' College and Paterson State College.

Images and Sounds:
Photographs of significant University personnel, events, buildings, grounds and campus life; also relevant images of surrounding communities such as Paterson, Wayne, Haledon and North Haledon

Videos and audio recordings of important University events, lectures, cultural performances (including dramatic and musical performances), etc.
Yearbooks and Graduation Rosters
Especially those earlier than 1940.
Clothing, banners, pennants, mugs, jewelry, etc with University logo
Drawings, paintings, posters, design, illustrations associated with University programs or events
Student life and Athletics:
Significant memorabilia and documents reflecting history of University clubs, Greek organizations, team sports
Print materials produced by the University, one of its departments or other non-University but closely related organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers. Also, newspaper and magazine articles about the University
Official documents relating to the history and development of the University
Oral Interviews:
Taped or transcribed interviews with University personnel about University programs or events
Architectural Drawings:
Architectural plans and drawings of the campus and its buildings
Miscellaneous Campus Flyers and other "Grey" Literature:
Print publications, such as flyers, newsletters and other ephemera, and materials produced and/or distributed on campus through unconventional or unofficial channels that provide a sense of the University’s culture at a point in time.
Relevant Material about William Paterson, Garret Hobart, etc:
Materials related to the lives of William Paterson, V.P. Garrett Hobart or other individuals whose lives and careers contributed to the history of the University.