Archives Mission

The William Paterson University Archives serves as the final repository for selected historical and non-current records and artifacts of The William Paterson University of New Jersey. Its primary purpose is to document the history of the University and to promote knowledge and understanding of that history by providing source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumni and others, such as scholars and authors, interested in the University’s history and programs. The goals of the WPUNJ Archives are as follows:

  • Assess, collect, organize, describe, preserve and make available records of historical and cultural value to William Paterson University.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of such records.
  • Provide materials that will serve as information resources to assist the operation of the University.
  • Promote the use of primary materials to stimulate and nourish creative teaching and learning.
  • Serve research and scholarship by making available and encouraging the use of its collections by members of the University and community at large.
  • Ensure that records from appropriate departments, programs and offices will be deposed and processed in a timely and efficient manner.

All materials accessioned into the Cheng Library Archive and Special Collections will be retained in perpetuity, except where digitization permits disposal of a physical copy, or where materials do not meet the current mission and collection policies of the Archive.