iPad Purchasing Information

JUNE 2012

Due to the proliferation of iPad devices on Campus, all iPad purchases are halted pending the release and approval of a new iPad device policy.  Exceptions may be considered by the Provost Office and Administration/Business services with a full justification and if related to teaching. 

A written justification should be addressed via email to Steve Bolyai, VP Admin and Finance, Stephen Hahn, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs , and cc’d to Mary Songer, Information Systems.

Apple iPad’s purchased by the university will be tracked by the Information Systems Department.  The following procedure should be observed:

  • Quotes for the iPad can be obtained from the university’s Apple Store link:


  • The department purchasing the iPad will enter a requisition. 
  • The Purchasing Department will forward all requisitions for Apple iPads to Information Systems for approval.
  • When the iPad is received, the department is responsible for sending the serial number of the iPad and the name of the person who will be using it to Mary Songer via email (songerm@wpunj.edu) so that it can be recorded in our tracking database. 
  • Any Apps purchased on the iPad will be via personal purchase unless other arrangements are made within the individual’s department.
  • Any Data Plan for cellular connectivity is subject to appropriate work related responsibilities and requires approval by the respective divisional Vice President.
  • Secured WPU wireless network access will be granted through an online request process


  • Departments are responsible for annual inventory report to verify status of iPads.
  • The Information Systems Department must be notified for appropriate disposal of all computer technology including iPads.

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