What's new with student email !

Introduction to What's NEW with the WPUNJ student email system?

Now that email is "an official" form of University communication, several enhancements have been put into place to improve the University's student email system. Please note these important changes:

  • Your mailbox storage has been increased to 300 mgs. Please note that while this change will make it easier for you to send and receive more messages, it is critical that you continue to manage your email account by deleting unnecessary messages. Please consult the FAQ on the best ways to do this.
  • Messages warning users that their email mailboxes are approaching capacity have been improved and will be sent when capacity reaches 240 MB. The messages now specifies that an account wil be closed when it reaches 300 MB. They also include information about what to do if you receive one of these messages.
  • The email log-in page has been redesigned to let you know that you can avoid being "timed out" by selecting the "Private Computer" option under Security. With this option, the time-out limit is extended to 24 hours. Remember, for privacy and security reasons, it is imperative that you log-off as you end each email session---and this is especially true if you opt for this extended session .
  • The University will no longer support the forwarding of WPUNJ email to another email system because transfer services are not dependable.