Using Folders

Organizing Your Mail
As messages begin to pile up in your Inbox it gets difficult to locate particular items. For this reason, it is helpful to organize your mail. In order to create new folders to organize your mail, or view the current folders you have, make sure you are in the Folders view. Clicking on the Inbox button in the Navigation Pane should display any folders you currently have created, as shown here:

Creating a New Folder
If you would like to create a new folder from this view, right-click (Control+Click on a Mac) on the location you want to create a subfolder, and select Create New Folder…

An empty box will appear under (as shown below). Type in the file name and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. The folder list will then expand, displaying your subfolder.

Moving Messages to Folders
Once you have folders created, you can start moving messages from one folder to another. Highlight and drag the message(s) to the appropriate folder in the Folder List