Handling Junk Mail

Junk E-Mail
OWA comes equipped with a tool to evaluate whether or not a message you receive should be treated as Junk E-Mail , based on a number of factors (time message was sent, content of message, structure of message, etc.). This filter does not have the ability to single out any single sender, or a certain “type” of message. This filter is set to a low setting by default, but you have the ability to modify these settings. Any messages caught by this filter are automatically moved to a Junk E-Mail folder. This folder is automatically set up when you create your mail account.

To edit your Junk E-Mail settings, click on Options at the top of the screen, then click on Junk E-mail from the Navigation Pane, as shown here:

From here, you have the ability to modify your Junk E-Mail filters. You can turn your Junk E-mail filter on and off. Additionally, you can also create and modify people to your Safe Senders, Safe Recipients and Blocked Senders lists. Click Save when finished.

You have the ability to manage your mail by using Rules to automatically filter your incoming messages. After you create the Rules , they will be effective in both OWA and Outlook client.

To display Rules in OWA, click on the menu. Click on Rules from the Navigation Pane. This will display any rules you currently have, and allow you to create and edit rules. Click the Save button when finished.

Creating A New Rule
To create a new Rule , click on the button or drop-down menu from the Rules screen, which will display the drop-down menu options. Select the requested action.

A Rule Description window will be displayed. Fill out the following fields, clicking on the blue linked words (e.g. specific words ), to enter the requested criteria.

There are several options for filtering incoming mail, as you can see from the previous window. You can filter by sender, as well as automatically deleting or forwarding incoming messages.