STC: Workshops

Technology Consultants offer workshops in Atrium 121 between 9am and 9pm during the week.  While walk-ins are accepted, we encourage members of the community to make an appointment. Workshops that are intended for an entire class require an appointment.

Please review the workshop descriptions below. You may contact Denise Giummarra with any questions.

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Atrium PC computer lab

Workshop Descriptions:

MS Word

This workshop will familiarize you with the many basic features of Microsoft Word to make word processing work easy and efficient. Microsoft Word allows you to create professional documents such as resumes, letters, reports, brochures, etc.

MS Excel

Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheet program, allows users to insert and manipulate data. This workshop will familiarize you with the basic functions of Microsoft Excel such as inserting data, mathematical functions, graphs, and tables.

MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation program which allows users to create computer based slide shows used to present information to viewers in a more straightforward and appealing form. This workshop will familiarize you with the fundamental elements of Microsoft PowerPoint, enable you to create and design PowerPoint slides using text, images, and animation.

MS Access

Microsoft Access, a database management program, allows users a simple and flexible solution to manage and organize data. This Access workshop will enable you to learn the basic features in data storage and produce reports using the selected data.


SPSS, a statistical analysis program, allows users to input statistical analysis data for research or other projects. The workshop will familiarize users with the basic knowledge of inputting data in an SPSS format and manipulating the data for statistical analysis. 

Dreamweaver I

Dreamweaver I, a visual editor program, allows users to create and manage Web sites and pages in an easy and organized format. This workshop will introduce you to the basic features of Dreamweaver such as creating and using layout elements, as well as developing tables and basic CSS

Dreamweaver II

In this next part, users will tackle more comprehensive and sophisticated features of Dreamweaver, such as using CSS for detailed layouts, templates, and creating interactive JavaScript features. This workshop will take your existing knowledge of Dreamweaver and apply it to create an intensive and upper-level visual technology and Web design.

Freshmen Orientation

This workshop gives a detailed introduction of William Paterson’s main web system, WP Web, and Blackboard, a Web-based learning support system to new users in the William Paterson University community.

Photoshop I

Photoshop, a graphic editing program, allows users to develop, design, and manipulate images with its powerful painting and selection tools. Users will familiarize themselves with the fundamental features of the program to create images, image resolution, and file formats.

Photoshop II

Once users have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, they will be able to incorporate their techniques to a more professional level of image manipulation such as advanced layering and blending techniques, as well as channel and masking techniques.


Blackboard, is a Web-based server software, with features including Blackboard course management, designed to support teaching and learning in a virtual educational setting. Users will learn the fundamental elements of Blackboard such as checking grades, using discussion boards, and submitting assignments.

WP Web

WP Web, our university’s main domain website, gives users access to everything related to their university account including, adding, dropping, and looking up courses, billing and payments, faculty & staff directory, email, and blackboard. Users will learn the basic interface to familiarize themselves with the website. 

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