Emerging Technologies for Students

IRT is always working, on an ongoing basis, to bring new and developing technologies to the attention of the William Paterson University community. Our goal in doing so is to provide the campus with the support needed to accommodate different learning styles.

Just a few examples of what we've recently introduced and been working on include:

  • 3D Printing (Media Services)
  • 3D Scanning (Media Services)
  • iPads (Media Services)
  • Digital camcorders (Media Services)
  • MP3 recorders with USB plugs for easy transfer (Media Services)
  • Student access to flat-screen displays in the GPS (Group Presentation Space - Library) and Science 3054, for the purposes of practicing and working on presentations
  • Streaming Video Titles
  • Assistance with the creation of new video DVDs and CDs (Media Services)
  • Cleaning/repair of scratched DVDs and CDs (Media Services)