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Teaching with Technology: Screencasting - Screencasting makes use of screen recording software which permits the user to record any and all actions on a computer screen, including audio narration. Screen recordings can then be posted as movies files to be downloaded or streamed over the internet.

7 Things You should Know About Screencasting


Jing, screenshot and screencast software from TechSmith

Blackboard Collaborate

Teaching with Technology: Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis - Discussion Boards are web-based forums where students and faculty can post observations and content and others can respond with comments. Blogs, short for weglog - are more of a one-way journal, with entries posted in chronological order.  While comments can be added, the focus is usually on an individual’s commentary. Wikis are essentially openly editable web pages, which means that anyone (or those with permission) can edit the pages in a wiki.

Using the Discussion Board

7 Things You Should Know about Blogs and Wikis

Watch the video: Wikis in Plain English

Blackboard Blog

Teaching with Technology: Social Bookmarking - Social bookmarking is the practice of saving, categorizing and sharing web sites on the internet. Everyone saves “favorites” or bookmarks in the web browser of their own computer. However, these bookmarks are not easily accessed or shared from a single computer. Social bookmarking permits, through the practice of tagging to identify and save bookmarks that can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

7 Things You Should know About Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking Tool

Teaching with Technology: Enhancing Assessment with Technology

Online Assessments and Surveys Using Blackboard - Blackboard at WPUNJ

Teaching with Clickers - PowerPoint Polling

Respondus  - Installing Respondus, Creating an Assessment using Respondus, and Importing an Assessment