This page is designed for providing resources to support those who want to implement successful, effective, innovative instruction in various teaching settings.  The links on effective teaching principles and techniques are provided as well.

Teaching Strategies

Active Learning What Is Active Learning?
Active Learning for the College Classroom

Active Learning:Creating Excitement in the Classroom
Considerations for Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms
Lectures and Approaches to Active Learning
Using Active Learning in the Classroom
Collaborative Learning What is Collaborative Learning?
Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity
Changing A Course From Lecture Format To Cooperative Learning
Collaborative Activities
Assessment in and of Collaborative Learning
Problem Based Learning What Is Problem-Based Learning (PBL)?
Problem-Based Learning
Problem-Based Learning: Examples(1) (2)
Problem-Based Learning: Resources
Case-based Learning What is Case-Based Learning?
Using Case-Based Learning
Designing Case-Based Learning
Cased-Based Learning: Examples
Self-directed Learning Self-directed Learning
Self-directed Learning: a Four Step Process
Self-directed Learning: Techniques, Tools & Resources
Self-directed Learning: Examples
Effective Lecture Delivering Effective Lectures
Effective Lecture Techniques
How to give Highly Effective Lectures
Checklist for Effective Lecturing
Preparing an Effective Lecture
Lecture Skill Checklist
Effective Discussion Leading an Effective Discussion
Tips for Effective Discussion
Facilitating Effective Discussions
Effective Discussion Techniques
Inclusive Teaching Inclusive Teaching Strategy
Teaching Styles Grasha’s Five Teaching Styles
Teaching Styles Survey (Grasha-Rieachmann)
Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)
Reaching the Second Tier: Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Education
Discussion-based Teaching Discussion-based Teaching
Teaching Resources by Discipline Resource by Discipline