CTLT - Please stop by Library 120k to learn more about CTLT's many offerings.

Library 120k: Monday - Thursday 9a to 5p,
Friday 9a to 4p

Scanners and a Printer
Technology solutions for teaching & research
  • Learning productivity applications
  • Discovering online resources
  • Blackboard mechanics
  • Online pedagogy
  • Integrating technology with teaching and learning
Developing coursework, Instructional design

Trained professionals will help you design coursework from lesson plans through planning an entire course in a relaxing, collaborative atmosphere.


Faculty Technology Curricultum (FTC) Workshops

The Faculty Technology Curriculum is a series of workshops designed to introduce you to various multimedia applications and pedagogical methods using technology.


One-on-one training for faculty

Contact department administrator Denise Giummarra -- giummarrad@wpunj.edu or (973) 720-2659 -- to make an appointment.

Jae Kim with a Faculty Member