Cable TV Message Board Instructions

1. For a copy of the “WPTV Operating Policies, Procedures and Guidelines” Please e-mail:   

2. Do either of the following:

a. E-Mail a 640x480 jpeg, or information for your event so we can make one, to tvmessageboard@wpunj.
b. Design a slide, with or without pictures. Keep several guidelines in mind   

i. The slide must be 640x480   
ii. Do not use pure white. Instead, use an off color (We suggest going into the color picker and setting the R, G, and B values to 245)   
iii. Do not use red, it bleeds on TV   
iv. For an image resolution of 72 pixels/inch, use no smaller than a 20 point font, try not to go smaller than that.
v. Make sure there is an appropriate contrast between the font and the background. Use borders if necessary (drop shadow at max intensity and 0 distance for light fonts, outer glow with max intensity for darker ones).
vi. Convert the file to jpeg before sending   
vii. We will accept up to 3 graphics for rotation at a time.          

 Or mail your flyer (or information) to:   

TV Message Board
ATTN: Brian John Gorski
Hobart Hall Rm. 129
William Paterson University
300 Pompton Rd.Wayne, NJ 07470