What Do We Do?

The current major responsibilities of the Office of Institutional Research (IR&A) and Assessment are as follows:

Providing leadership in improving and maintaining the accuracy and consistency of institutional data across databases is the first step to all our work.

  • Using census data, prepare annual statistical reports. Examples are:
    •Fact Book
    •Statistical packet for each department
    •University Enrollment Flow Model
  • Prepare semester statistical reports. Examples are:
    •Enrollment Reports
    •Individual Faculty Load Reports
    •Faculty Line Analysis
    •Graduate and Undergraduate Admission Reports
  • Conduct surveys and other studies on topics of special interest to the University. Examples are:
    Annual survey of entering first-year students
    Student Satisfaction Survey
    •Surveys of alumni
    •Surveys of non-returning students
  • Participate in national studies. Examples are:
    CSRDE Student Retention Consortium
    National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
    •Voluntary Survey of Accountability - VSA's College Portrait
  • Prepare statistical reports/data bases for external agencies. Examples are:
    The Student Unit Record Enrollment (SURE) data bases on fall and spring enrolled students and graduates submitted to the Commission on Higher Education
    IPEDS suite of surveys
    •Middle States Annual Institutional Profile
    •Institutional Accountability Report for Commission on Higher Education
  • Respond to external surveys. Examples are:
    •US News and World Report
    •Update Web-based Common Data Set
  • Oversee special databases. Examples are:
    •Student Retention and Graduation Cohorts
    •Faculty Line Analysis
  • Provide support for planning at the university, college and department level.
  • Coordinate program review for academic departments.
  • Provide support for accreditation studies at the university, college and program level.
  • Respond to ad hoc requests for information and analysis by administrative and academic departments.
  • Provide assistance to outcomes assessment and institutional effectiveness efforts, campus wide.  Examples are:
    •Assistance in creating scannable or web-based survey forms
    •Assistance in analyzing and interpreting results
    •Coordinate assessment activities and update annual assessment plan report
    •Review of survey instruments

June 2013